Brief History

The Department of Product Design was established in 1995, and the first Master's Program in Design Management in Taiwan was set up in 1999. The Master's Program of Design Management for working students was established in 2002. In 2010, these programs were combined administratively within the Department of Product Design.
Most of our graduates have excellent performance in the field of product design. There are currently 9 full-time and 24 part-time faculty members in the department. Each has a master's degree or higher academic qualification and overseas experience in study, work or research.
Their research publications, including journal articles, seminar papers, as well as research projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology are abundant.
Two class cohorts of undergraduate students are recruited annually, with 60 students in each class. One cohort each of 15 full-time and 15 working master's students are recruited annually.
The Department is well-equipped with studios for metal processing, wood processing, ceramics, painting, CNC and other professional equipment. Two rapid prototyping machines are provided in the CAD / CAM laboratory. Other professional laboratories, such as: transportation lab, ergonomics and interactive design lab, computer lab, and graduation project classroom are all well equipped.
Students in the department are highly encouraged to participate in various competitions and their performance is quite spectacular.

Education Goals


Provide a quality, human-oriented design education and environment

Most of our undergraduates are from the social sciences section in senior high schools. Therefore, the department’s curriculum focuses on esthetics and fundamental professional skills, and provides resources and environment for these students to cultivate scientific and technological knowledge for designing better products based on users’ needs.

Emphasize theory and practice

Product design emphasizes a combination of practice and theory because it is not easy to design a product that is economical and usable. For this reason, our department puts emphasis on both theory and practice and promotes cooperative projects with companies. Our department makes efforts to ensure students’ learning can successfully integrate with actual needs and applications.

Nurture Three Ps: Ping-deh (personal character), Ping-chih (quality), and Ping- wei (taste)

An outstanding designer has not only professional skills but also good personal character, quality, and taste, which our department has been devoted to for years. Teachers in the department are requested to be role models for students and should often remind them of correct ideas, and strictly require quality design work and good taste from students, so that they will be designers who value professional ethics, care about personal responsibility to our society, and are equipped with teamwork cooperation spirit.

Reinforce cooperation with the industry to promote industrial development

In order to integrate teaching and research with the requirements of industry which can make some contributions to the development of domestic industry, the department seeks out cooperative projects in which to participate.

Nurture design professionals with creativity and highly competitive strengths

Technology advances by the day, so no field can afford to treat this lightly, including design education, which must keep up to date with technological developments in order to ensure that the education offered meets the needs of today’s market.

Future Develop

To strengthen design knowledge and to enhance the design creativity, employability and competitiveness for students, the future developments of the Department includes:

Continue to promote Industry-Academy cooperation and international exchange

Develop and construct complete internship system

Enhance digital design capabilities

Retrofit the equipment of the practical training factory and laboratory

Degrees Granted


Undergraduate Program

Department of Product Design
設計學學士 / B.D. Bachelor of Design

Master's Program

Master's Program in Design Innovation and Management in Department of Product Design
設計學碩士 / M.Des. Master of Design

In-Service Master's Program

Master's Program in Design Innovation and Management in Department of Product Design
設計學碩士 / M.Des. Master of Design