Undergraduate Program

Curriculum Framework for Bachelor’s Degree Students

Curriculum Framework

  • First-year:
    Chinese Literature: Appreciation And Creative Writing
    Practical English
    Physical Education
    Applied Information Technology: Office Software And Programming Design

  • Second-year:
    Practical English
    Physical Education

  • Third-year:
    Practical English for Professionals
    Physical Education

  • Fourth-year:
    Practical English for Professionals

Basic Core Competencies

In accordance with the General Provisions for Study, undergraduate students need to complete Service Learning program, pass the tests of university-wide basic English competencies, Information Technology, Chinese, Sports, and the core competencies test of their department to be eligible for graduation.

  • Capability of Design Innovation
  • Capability of Presentation
  • Capability of Product Design

Core Competencies

  •  Ability of Design Aesthetics and Presentation
  •  Ability of Problem Solving
  •  Ability of Innovation
  •  Ability of Computer Aided Design
  • Ability of Planning and Marketing
  •  Ability of Elementary Engineering