Undergraduate Program

1. Students from the social sciences section in senior high schools are our department’s main recruitment target. We then provide students with humanities accomplishment more opportunities to enter the product design field.

2. Internationalization and digitalization of the teaching and learning environment is accomplished in several ways. We provide students with four years of English courses to cultivate English ability for globalization. E-learning promotes effective learning and teaching.

3. Aesthetics, commerce and industrial arts in are integrated in our curriculum. Thus, we strengthen students’ product design ability and nurture their business-oriented and international-oriented design concepts in order to become professional designers.

4. Emphasis on nurturing professional and computer-aided design skills responds to industry needs. Training in sketching and computer-aided design helps students to practically accomplish their work after graduation. Flexible elective courses allow students to respond to the market needs or develop their own interests.

Master's  Program

1. Design management and innovative design are core courses in the graduate program. We nurture design management and innovative design talents for the domestic industry and engage in related research in the fields of design management and innovative design.

2. We recruit students from various design areas of expertise, such as: product design, graphic design, multimedia design, interior design and other non-design professionals, which provides students with interdisciplinary learning opportunities among themselves and thus develops broad-mindedness.

3. Design Management track provides major courses in design management and minor courses in innovative design to nurture students with both design and management professional knowledge to construct macro thinking in management and design. Innovative Design track provides major courses in innovative design and minor courses in design management to nurture students with both design and innovation professional knowledge to construct macro thinking of design and management.

4. Two years of English courses strengthens students' English ability, which is helpful for students to connect with the international society. The e-teaching environment effectively enhances effectiveness of teaching and learning.